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New GA.MA Collection!!!

It was in 1969, when the meeting and the creative talent of some salons resulted in the creation of the first hair straightening GA.MA produced on a large scale and piqued global interest and attention of professionals in the line of hair care.
Within a short time, the hairstylists of the major fashion shows and salons have adopted the GA.MA products as tools for creating unique and successful style.

"Professional tools to take care of your beauty." This is the objective set by the company GA.MA for over 40 years and has made it a leading company in the production of professional products for hair care, such as hairdryers and straighteners, having as basis the Italian market and a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

The GA.MA Company has research laboratories in Italy, Argentina and China where new innovative solutions are studied, different from each other, specialized for every taste and able to satisfy even the most demanding users. The ongoing study on improving the use of GA.MA products, led the design and implementation of innovative technologies which have proved a real revolution.
In the late 90s the QuickHeat technology has actually realized a utopia: hair straighteners ready for use within seconds revolutionized the daily work of the salons.
In 2010 the company obtained patent when production started placing straightener to novel IHT technology (Instant Heat Technology), which heats the straightening plates at zero time and in a single pass, gives straight and shiny hair for a long lasting effect.
While in recent years GA.MA has expanded its product range with hairdryer, curling scissors and clippers while marketing the new range of professional hair dryer, 100% Made in Italy is the latest innovation of the company GA.MA.

Excellent technological products with Italian finesse types of GA.MA, easy to use and very effective in the hands of experienced professionals, backed by the guarantee of quality and service of our company, and provide sure sales satisfy consumers.


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