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taurus7 140x140

Taurus was founded in 1962 by a few “veterans” in the field of domestic appliance market and quickly established itself as the leading company of small electrical appliances in the Iberian Peninsula. During those 50 years, Taurus has become one of the leading companies in the industry, with a dominant presence in all 5 continents.


Exhaustive tests, carried out by both the technical and quality control departments of Taurus, guarantee the correct operation, and safety of all the devices before they even reach the point of sale and the hands of the end consumer.

All devices are thoroughly tested in accordance with all applicable EU directives, for example the 2011/65/EU directive that verifies that parts and accessories used in manufacturing the Taurus products  do not exceed the permitted levels of certain substances (ROHS) and electromagnetic compatibility according to the 89/336/EEC directive (CE).

Moreover, great importance is given to tests concerning proper packaging and logistics, that go as far as drop tests of cartons containing Taurus devices, in order to ensure that the product is not at risk of transport-related damages, subject of course to the instructions described on the outer packaging!

Innovation, creativity, modern design and outstanding build quality, find their application in TAURUS personal care products. Based on their already extensive knowledge, their inexhaustible resources and their continuous investment in research and development, the people of TAURUS managed to develop a range of unique products, which take advantage of the latest developments in science and technology applications for personal care.

For example, the range devices with Infrared Technology (IST) which give the professional, but the demanding domestic user as well, the ultimate accuracy, productivity and ergonomics tool in the field of hair styling. The range of devices with Argan Oil offer unique styling with the highest degree of care and safety for the hair. The range of the TAURUS clipping and trimming products with titanium alloy and stainless steel technologies, guarantee professional results.

Always true to our principles and the requirements of the time, we have secured for our clients all the advantages of the Taurus Personal Care series, always at competitive prices, while maintaining both high rates of profitability and the acceptance of their own clientele.

The company invests heavily on research and development, since all devices that bear the label of Taurus, are designed and developed at the center for Research and Development of the Taurus Group, in the town of Oliana in northern Spain.

Through an extensive process of national and international expansion, the Taurus Group has turned into a strong national corporate group, specialized in fulfilling the needs of households around the world, with a presence in more than 80 countries.

Taurus Group, through its cooperation with our company looks forward to its development in the Greek market, in order to provide solutions in the household’s everyday needs, while always respecting the average Greek income.

blaupunkt5 140x140

BLAUPUNKT, since 1923 (the year it was founded), has its name associated with the most powerful reception on every type of radio receiver it has produced and thus established in the minds of consumers as a high quality name!


Today, with a collection of 10 radio models, in white and black color, covering all needs (pocket, office, travel etc.) on both analog and digital models BLAUPUNKT assumes the responsibility of reception quality even in the MOST DIFFICULT AREAS AND UNDER ANY CONDITION!

If you really want a radio that tunes in whichever station you want and not just “whatever is there” then this is the company to trust and recommend to your customers!

Since 2014, thanks to the extremely “friendly” pricing policy of the company, the BLAUPUNKT excellent quality is now accessible to every income group while the qualitative characteristics are maintained at the top level.

Radio is not only a means of informing and personal entertainment like mobile phones or other multimedia means of communication, but a centralized receiving device whose output can entertain a group / family etc. without the need to use wireless networks and other potentially harmful frequencies!

It is also worth noting that each BLAUPUNKT radio product has a special and unique design which is intended to make the product highly usable and user friendly to listeners of every age and level!

All radios in this collection (except the two pocket models) have a stereo headphone output (which can also be used for connecting to an external amplifier - speaker system). The top models have the additional capability of connection (LINE-IN) with other external music players (e.g. mp3 player/laptop) in order to facilitate complex needs and use of their speaker.

BLAUPUNKT radios have impeccable finish, very special tuner reception technology and top speakers, which are specifically manufactured for BLAUPUNKT, in order to be installed in this collection of radios.

Both you and your customers may forget what interference, signal deterioration, audio distortion is, as well as a host of other common radio symptoms.

Dear colleagues I am pleased to invite you to tune the quality of BLAUPUNKT and wish you and your clients GOOD LISTENING.

wahl6 140x140


A dominant company in the field of personal care and the global leader in hair clipping and trimming as well as body and pet grooming. Since 1919, the company’s founder Leo J. Wahl, following his student aspirations, proceeded to the patenting of inventions in the technology and production methods of quality hair clippers.

This was followed by many other patents which were registered by WAHL and led to absolute dominance in the American market and soon around the world.

The company’s operations and potential really boosted in 1957 when the production process became vertically integrated, with new, massive, self-owned facilities in Sterling, Illinois.

From then onward very important innovations and numerous creations of friendly products for the professional user followed, with immediate effect on the end recipient, i.e. the paying customer. It is no coincidence that NASA chose WAHL to design and implement a unique hair clipper for use in space (zero gravity conditions) for the crew of the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

Since 1990, WAHL made serious investments in its marketing strategies and production lines so it can today dominates the field of consumer products as well since, with very little money the WAHL products allow the domestic user to enjoy the excellent professional results without suffering the considerable expenses of professional hair care services. It is no coincidence that today any household that purchases, a WAHL personal care product will not change for any other brand and very soon decides to renew its WAHL products collection with new ones for the entire family.

Nowadays, WAHL as global business unit has passed into the hands of the third generation of the family of its founder and is managed since 1997 by Gregory S. Wahl. It employs 1800 people worldwide with facilities owned in Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan and of course the United States of America.

In 2010 WAHL celebrated its 90th birthday by launching a world leading, lithium battery operated trimmers and clippers range, thus proving once again its global leadership in the field.

The predictions of Greg Wahl for the future, through the constant quality support for products and sales outlets are extremely promising and we are proud that a company of this caliber and outlook trusts the distribution of its products through us.

Contact our sales network in order to inquire in depth about the dynamics of WAHL products and enjoy with us the success enjoyed by the world’s top selling hair clipper company!

Branded solutions with tremendous value in use! Satisfied customers! Excellent results!


1911 - 2014! WAHL, firmly poised in the 21st century, invites you to share your success and renew the trust of your customers!

moser6 140x140


For 65 years the name of MOSER is the hallmark of German quality in hair salons, barber shops and pet care businesses. For MOSER, there is not a clipping or trimming task that cannot be met by providing perfect results with surprisingly high speeds. A MOSER device is the indispensable tool for every professional. MOSER’s range of cordless models as well as a wide range of interchangeable heads, for styling, fine trimming and hair tattooing, add prestige to the professional while ensuring ease of use and peace of mind for the perfect result.

Machines that simply do not clog, ergonomic handles, cutting blade heads of incomparable German quality, provide the perfect solution and show the path to success.

MOSER devices can be found in the hands of the greatest hair stylists worldwide. The highest percentage of professionals who exhibit their creations around the world, or give demonstrations of alternative styles has a MOSER device in their hands.

MOSER provides such a tool in the hands of experts that the mere requirement of an effective hair clipping or trimming automatically turns into a spark of inspiration for creation and innovation.

In recent years MOSER, based on its experience in professional hair care, has created a very successful new consumer line which provides domestic consumers with a German solution for cleanliness and proper hygiene without great cost.

Both the professional and consumer lines of MOSER guarantee not only high sales but, safety and good reputation for stores that will definitely experience the repeated visits of many happy end users!

The German quality and fine manufacturing standards of clippers – trimmers, with full coverage of spare parts and accessories maintains the recognition of MOSER at top level and promises growth for both the professional and consumer series.


It was in 1969, when the meeting and the creative talent of some salons resulted in the creation of the first hair straightening GA.MA produced on a large scale and piqued global interest and attention of professionals in the line of hair care.
Within a short time, the hairstylists of the major fashion shows and salons have adopted the GA.MA products as tools for creating unique and successful style.

"Professional tools to take care of your beauty." This is the objective set by the company GA.MA for over 40 years and has made it a leading company in the production of professional products for hair care, such as hairdryers and straighteners, having as basis the Italian market and a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

The GA.MA Company has research laboratories in Italy, Argentina and China where new innovative solutions are studied, different from each other, specialized for every taste and able to satisfy even the most demanding users. The ongoing study on improving the use of GA.MA products, led the design and implementation of innovative technologies which have proved a real revolution.
In the late 90s the QuickHeat technology has actually realized a utopia: hair straighteners ready for use within seconds revolutionized the daily work of the salons.
In 2010 the company obtained patent when production started placing straightener to novel IHT technology (Instant Heat Technology), which heats the straightening plates at zero time and in a single pass, gives straight and shiny hair for a long lasting effect.
While in recent years GA.MA has expanded its product range with hairdryer, curling scissors and clippers while marketing the new range of professional hair dryer, 100% Made in Italy is the latest innovation of the company GA.MA.

Excellent technological products with Italian finesse types of GA.MA, easy to use and very effective in the hands of experienced professionals, backed by the guarantee of quality and service of our company, and provide sure sales satisfy consumers.


See the GA.MA Collection Here

ZANUSSIZanussi is the leader in the field of white goods, small domestical electrical appliances and kitchenware. Zanussi exports their products since 1946, all over the world, having the reputation for the most innovative products with modern design.

1916 Antonio Zanussi founded a small workshop and with the help of this son they started their business by manufacturing stoves and ovens.

ZANUSSI has the reputation for its “Excellence in Design and Innovation” and not without a reason since from the begining of their operation they continuously invest in research, innovation and the desing of their products.

With the new project the company aims to develop a new selling point, with the reliability and quality of the Zanussi name. Utensils that do not go unnoticed even by the most demanding consumer since they offer high quality construction, ease of use and of course the Italian design

We have the honor to offer to our customers, the brand new ZANUSSI cookware series constitutes visiting key point for every store offering a high margin.



Δείτε τη συλλογή Zanussi



K.A. ZAZOPOULOS SA gladly informs its partners that henceforth all new TELEFUNKEN units, which constitute the first step of the historic German company in the consumer household appliances, will be added to its collection of appliances available in the Greek market.


TELEFUNKEN, was founded in 1903 with headquarters in Berlin and soon became world famous for the quality and fidelity of the audio and video products. During the First World War the company built the innovative and unique worldwide radio navigation system for Zeppelin! Soon it expanded in various product areas spreading its network in Europe and America by creating and conquering markets.


TELEFUNKEN household appliances distinguish by their high aesthetics and comfortable use, the wide variety of products, attractive packaging and the satisfactory sales prices that combine value for money by demonstrating that the price and quality relationship function is self-evident.


TELEFUNKEN household appliances carry all the required quality certifications while systematically evolve further qualitative upgrade by designing new appliances capable to serve every consumer need.


TELEFUNKEN is the ideal choice for quality and affordable products for every consumer.


See the complete TELEFUNKEN Collection Here!

grundig acc5 140x140


The ideal combination of branded products at extremely low prices with diversity in usability and an emphasis on quality and daily use depreciation value is illustrated in this collection of GRUNDIG. The product range of the famous German brand company that is illustrated in this catalogue, covers multiple daily necessities, in every kind of environment, either professional or domestic, giving an opportunity to your clientele to benefit from the excellent quality, affordable and innovative solutions that rid us from the “small” everyday “headaches” when needing some immediate and convenient solution.

High performance/low consumption LED flashlights, versatile portable lighting tools for any occasion, a large collection of headphones, headsets and audio equipment that cover all uses as well as other useful accessories for which we will continuously inform you, are the solutions that the company offers through the guarantee of quality of GRUNDIG.

With this collection you are provided with the opportunity to ensure continuous sales and also to stock your stores with branded products that are highly appealing and highly affordable to the end consumer.

We will be in constant contact with you to inform you of new GRUNDIG products in the accessories and consumables range as it is ever growing and will be able to constantly provide solutions beyond the boundaries of this catalogue.

Polaroid logoPolaroid is one of the most famus companies in the field of film and photography. Today they continue to bpolaroid1e the leader in design and innovation, giving new consumer solutions like tablet cases, headphones, powerbanks etc.

In 1943 the photographic instant print conquered the world and was destined to be the global leader of social sharing!

This huge heritage follows even today the company with quality and innovative products available in the global market. Cameras, tablet, TVs, audio accessories, accessories for smartphone and tablet are just some of the categories covered.

In Greece Polaroid is represented by K.A ZAZOPOULOS S.A in the category of accessories. Products that are characterized by their excellent quality and their unique design, and that will certainly be an attraction for your shop while offering high profitability through a widely recognizable brand.








motorola9 140x140

MOTOROLA is one of the world’s leading companies in the telecommunications field, a synonym to wireless communications at the highest level. It is the company which is known to the general public mainly for its mobile phones but it is also well-known on more specific categories of users for its radio communication devices (PMR), having established the MOTOROLA brand as a category-specific identifier.


MOTOROLA is a pioneer in research and development even since its foundation in 1928 in Schaumburg, Illinois. Indicative is the fact that it holds the lead in new technologies, being the inventor of the portable mobile phone back in 1972!

In the last few years, this great company, recognizing the potential and professionalism with which we face the new market challenges, put their trust in our company for the import and distribution of MOTOROLA baby phones, both in Greece and in neighboring countries.

On the following pages you will find exceptional models of MOTOROLA baby phones, which operate exclusively with digital technology and high-level, innovative encryption protocols, but full of ecological features. Both audio and video models enable the end user to cover any monitoring needs, varying from babies, older children and elderly or disabled people in need of constant assistance and supervision as far as their favorite pets!

MOTOROLA, by presenting this global communications range through our company, provides solutions of professional standards in highly “sensitive” domestic needs such as those of baby and infant development and safety, elderly care and pet care and supervision.

MOTOROLA’s guaranteed after-sales quality of services provides added value to the investment of users of MOTOROLA baby phones. Apart from the multi-language European consumer hotline which covers all queries related to use and troubleshooting, there is guaranteed maintenance coverage from the highly qualified associates of our company.

For more information you can call our company’s headquarters or contact our sales network representatives.



A locomotive for national economic development since its founding in 1967 as Daewoo Industrial Co. Ltd., today’s “Daewoo International Corporation” is the new vanguard of Korean trade.

The company played a leading role in overcoming economic crisis in 1998 by achieving top results in export and trading surplus.

Throughout it’s long history, the company also played a major role as a vanguard in non-governmental diplomacy. The company’s dynamic trade policies led to the establishment of diplomatic ties with 13 nations as well as to the expansion of export markets by setting up Korea’s first trade branch offices in 37 countries.

Daewoo Corporation was reorganized into three new companies in order to normalize all operations: Daewoo International Corporation in trade, Daewoo Engineering Construction Co Ltd. in construction and Daewoo Corporation in others.

Having normalized operations, Daewoo International is leaping into the new millennium with more than three decades of international trading manpower, high quality products, and all-inclusive domestic and international sales networks. With such reliable qualifications, the company looks forward to positioning itself as a truly global leader in world trade.



Once more, K.A. ZAZOPOULOS S.A. keeping true to its traditional values, imports and introduces to the Greek market OLYMPUS Electric, a unique table clock line. OLYMPUS clocks, cover the needs of all family members.

Impress your clients with the OLYMPUS Electric clocks with silent operation or low noise feature even in the economic categories,accurate quartz movement, lighted display for nighttime viewing and unparalleled style.

The OLYMPUS table clocks are useful to people of all age groups. From the mother that faces the challenge of her newborn’s daily feeding plan as well as the safety of her baby from all electical devices, the seniors that need the reassurance of a strong alarm clock, to the youngsters that want to be able to wake up on their own.

Boasting innovative and impressive blister packaging, the OLYMPUS clocks could be placed both on stands, and the store’s shelf. With such a stylish look these clocks will definitely sell on their own.

Olympus will expand your presence in the table clock market with its products of premium quality, impeccable design and packaging, while keeping within an extremely competitive price range.



Δείτε τη συλλογή Olympus


SHARP CORPORATION was established in 1912 by a metalworker in Tokyo, Japan. It took its name in 1915 by a world leading invention of its founder, the “always sharp” mechanical pencil. The history of SHARP in the field of electrical/electronic devices began in the 1920s, when it started to design and develop radios. In 1953 they entered the development and production of television sets and today they are the leading manufacturer and supplier of LCD screens in the world and the 5th company worldwide in television set sales.


In 1964 SHARP, following a longstanding tradition of development and innovation, developed the first ever transistor calculator in the world. Two years later, in 1966, they presented the first calculator with and Integrated Circuit (chip) in the world. The first ever calculator with and LSI chip went into mass production and was introduced to the market again by SHARP in 1969. This technology was the great revolution in calculators since it allowed the production of “pocket size” units in a consumer-friendly price, thus resulting in establishing the calculator as and “everyday” product both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Always innovative, SHARP produced the first LCD calculator in 1973, a technology that is still followed today. SHARP recently celebrated its 100 years, further establishing its leading position in the sector while highlighting its ecological profile, as it ranks high on the list of Greenpeace for environmentally friendly practices of both the production and industrial waste disposal.

Today, in a world of constant change and continuous challenges, our company is pleased to announce that this giant of innovation and development trusts on us for the distribution of its calculators in the Greek market. The biggest name in the field is now near you with solutions for any environment, professional or domestic, solutions that will satisfy the most demanding user. Thus, the professional who will introduce the product to their store, can now feel certain that they will offer their clientele a world renowned and reliable product while maintaining profitability, increasing the reputation of their business, thereby attracting more and more consumers.

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